About Us

Established in 2009, Diabetic Cat Care is a place to learn and practice a leading edge treatment protocol called Tight Regulation (TR) developed by Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM. TR has brought 1000’s of diabetic cats back to far better health and 100’s of those cats into diet-controlled diabetic remission where they are OTJ – Off the Juice. TR for cats is very similar to the way humans treat their own diabetes – the right amount of insulin given at the right time to get and keep BG in normal range as quickly and consistently as possible, combined with proper diet for an obligate carnivore.

Please read the Protocol page to understand more about how Tight Regulation works to reverse diabetes in cats and we hope you accept our invitation to learn how to properly care for, and perhaps even cure your cat of Feline Diabetes by joining the Diabetic Cat Care Forum.

Success Stories

  • arfa_ss


    Initially Arfa’s symptoms were assumed to be the result of...

  • tilly_ss


    Tilly was diagnosed in August and it was October before...

  • kobe_ss


    Kobe was always a very spoiled girl with a healthy...

  • texas_new


    Gaunt, skinny and eating about 21oz of food a day,...

  • matiesse_new


    Matisse was diagnosed FD in June 2011, and as is...

  • mia_new


    About 2 weeks before Mia’s diagnosis we noticed she was...